In January of 2015, following the overwhelming affirmation from the congregation, Reverend Julie Jane Capel accepted the call to become the Pastor of Faith United Church of Christ. She has felt the calling to go into ministry since she was fourteen and has continued to commit to following the Holy Spirit. Pastor Julie graduated from the North Park Theological Seminary with her Masters of Divinity in May, 2014. She had completed her pastoral internship at The Gallery Covenant Church, a church plant, in St. Paul, MN. She is fully engaged in this adventure of pastoring a small church.

Pastor Julie has also served as a chaplain for Sinai Health System, working at Mount Sinai Hospital which is a 'trauma one' medical center on the west side of Chicago.  Recently she has joined the Praying Pelican Mission Team.

On December 11, 2014, Pastor Julie was interviewed by channel 5 news at a peaceful protest reminding us that Black Lives Matter. She reports that the support and care of the demonstrators by the Chicago Police and FBI was incredible that night.