Faith Church seeks as part of its mission to help support those in need with our Monthly Mission gifts to organizations and missional services who have track records of providing quality services to address the missional needs of those among us in the broader church and world community.  Mission Offerings are given as free-will offerings during church services and we have also supported "Special Missions" with funds raised through fund-raising events to raise and collect donations for special needs. 

In addition, some church members and their families actively support selected missions of those organizations listed below with "hands on" donations of time, talents and other supports throughout the year. 

In 2016, church members participated in the "Hunger Walk" supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the "Out of the Darkness Chicagoland Walk" supporting the work of the Illinois Chapter of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Those interested in participating or contributing in these or others listed can use the Mission Contact Form below.

The yearly calendar for our monthly missions is developed each year by our Social Concerns Team, and then endorsed by the Church Board and Congregation at our Annual Congregational meetings.  Any member of the church can suggest an organization to be added as a monthly mission recipient, or they can identify a need in the community that is under-served and the team will search out possible resources and suggest a plan to address the need.

Fathers' Day Weekend during the Portage Park Neighborhood-wide Garage Sale our men and other members have sold hot dogs, soda, and chips.  This past year, 2016, from those sales we raised $341 for the Irving Park Community Food Pantry.  This year, 2017, $221 was raised. Thanks to those who helped out and enjoyed the dogs. :-)

Faith Church's 'Hands-on' Missions

In support of our commitment to 'Transforming communities through active compassion, mercy and justice ministries' our church:

  • Faith Church has begun collecting school supplies to benefit the families and children served by the Irving Park Community Food Pantry.
  • Praying Pelican Missions sent a group to Chicago that stayed at Faith Church as their base for a week beginning June 17, 2017.  That group was from the Albert Lea Methodist Community in Minnesota.  The journal of their week here in Chicago is available online.
  • Faith Church hosted its first team from Praying Pelican Missions.  From 6/18 through 6/24/16, the mission team stayed at our church while they were here in Chicago providing mission services to Faith Church and in the greater Chicago community. 
  • On April 20 and July 20, 2016, Faith United Church of Christ, hosted free discussions for the community on public and personal health sponsored by Mt. Sinai Healthcare System's department of Family Medicine. Physicians were there to conduct an open discussions on how we can be healthy people - physically, interrelationaly, and spiritually.
  • Some members participated in Chicago's "Hunger Walk" supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Other members walked in and supported Chicago's "Out of the Darkness" walk in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  • Locally, in collaboration with the Irving Park Community Food Pantry, we collected donated school supplies in July and August 2016 for youth served by the pantry.  In addition, we also collected winter coats and seasonal accessories and apparel in August and September for the Pantry's Fall distribution.
  • Seventeen "shoeboxes" were delivered to our church's "Operation Christmas Child" collection center yesterday afternoon, 11/19/17. In the next few hours they will be on their way to children for Christmas! Thanks to all who filled and packed the boxes and to a generous donor whose monetary gift has been passed along. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! In October 2016 we began assembling and collecting shoebox gifts as our active compassion, mercy and justice ministry service for Operation Christmas Child. Twenty-six shoeboxes were delivered to Operation Christmas Child. They were gratefully received and our church and our gifts were prayed over. We participated with the same project in the Fall of 2015 as well.




January, February, March - Irving Park Community Food Pantry

The Irving Park Community Food Pantry is dedicated to feeding people n our community who are in need and providing education on hunger-related issues.  Their goal is to provide caring, consistent service through an equitable distribution of Pantry resources to all clients. Together, we are doing important work. Together, we are neighbors helping neighbors.

April, May - Support of Our Missionaries in Ecuador

Our Missionaries through the Evangelical Covenant Church are Chris and Jenny Hoskins.  Chris and Jenny are providing missionary service through Covenant World Mission. They are serving in Ecuador in leadership development and ministries of Christian formation and discipleship.

June - Gifts for the Needy (Pastor's Emergency Fund)

Pastor's Emergency Fund is available to support the needs of our members and neighbors with groceries, help with rent, doctor bills, medications, etc., when they arise and are made known to the Pastor and Church Leadership.

July - Camp I Am Me (Illinois Fire Alliance camp for kids)

A special and unforgettable one-week camp experience for children and teenagers who have experienced injuries from burns. Through the generosity of donors, supporters, and volunteers, the IFSA offers this camping opportunity at no-cost to campers; including lodging, meals, activities, and transportation to and from camp (YMCA Camp Duncan - Ingleside, IL).  Camp provides the setting for child burn survivors to share their common experiences while being able to play and not feel self-conscious about their scars.

August - Salute

SALUTE works individually with each military veteran applicant to assess their current situation and determine how we might offer assistance.  The most common requests are for help with housing, car, grocery and utility bills.  However, sometimes the financial assistance is more specialized, e.g.  an adaptive bike so the veteran can rehabilitate or compete, textbooks or tuition assistance to continue their education, or a laptop to facilitate a job search.  SALUTE works one on one with every veteran applicant to meet their specific needs, tailoring our response so it will have the greatest impact on their lives.

September - St. Luke’s Covenant Medical Mission in India

In 1981 "St. Luke's Medical Society" was founded for the purpose of coordinating the health care work of the church. St. Luke's Medical Society is a separate wing of the Hindustani Covenant Church and headed by its own Board of Directors. The two health centers at Nannaj in Maharashtra and Aurad in Karnataka are committed to providing health services to the poor and marginalized. An ultra sound machine, operating ophthalmic microscope and other medical equipment are needed for the present work of this mission.

October-  UCC Global Ministries

Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ has identified priority positions for special funding. These mission priority positions have been received by Global Ministries from partner churches and church agencies and will be filled on the basis of a special fund raising project. These fully supported positions provide the missionary with a modest salary, health care, pension, housing and additional benefits related to educational benefits for children. A fully supported missionary is sent when an international partner makes a request for a person to fill a specific need that meets the Critical Presence criteria, finances are available for the appointment, and an appropriate person who can fill the role is found. Missionaries usually serve a term of 3 to 4 years.

November - Gifts for the Needy  (Pastor's Emergency Fund)

Pastor's Emergency Fund is available to support the needs of our members and neighbors with groceries, help with rent, doctor bills, medications, etc., when they arise and are made known to the Pastor and Church Leadership.

December -  Hurricane Relief in the Caribbean

Due to the severity of damage done to the islands of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands from hurricane Maria we have decided to send our December Missions in support of denominational ministry efforts to the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.





2016 Mission Support Report


2015 Mission Support Report


2014 Missions Giving Report


If you know of a mission need in the community that could be responded to by church members with hands-on involvement (non-financial), please make a request in the box below. If church members are unable to address that need we will make every effort to provide you with an alternative resource.

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