Our Leadership Team, also known as the Church Board, after prayerful consideration and discussion has decided to operate based upon the consensus model.  There is no elected president or chairperson.  The meeting moderator and the recorder rotate through the members of the team with a different pair each month responsible for the agenda and recording the business discussed and the consensus reached on each item. For legal purposes Susan Brohlin will sign corporate documents as the president, Anne Mette is our Treasurer, and Dave Billingham is the Financial Secretary.

2018 leadership team.jpg

From Left to right...Rev. Julie Jane Capel; Sara Seagren; Anne Mette; Chris Salas; Susan Brohlin;  David Billingham; Barbara Kazlauskas



Individual copies of Leadership Meeting Minutes ~ Treasurer Reports ~ Financial Secretary Reports are available by written request to


Hospitality Team: The Hospitality team helps plan church meals or other special events. and fellowship after church.  The team is now a 'function of the whole' with Board members taking leadership as events are scheduled.

Social Concerns Team: The Social Concerns Team coordinates the Missions that the church supports each month and keeps the church informed regarding social issues, community resources, and needs in our community.  You may reach this team through our email -

Worship Team: George Brohlin is our  Worship Leader, and as member of the Worship Team, George has been serving at Faith Church for more than fifteen years. Through his playing and singing, he has helped form and lead the "Joyful Noise" praise band. The group ministers and leads the Congregation in worship with a variety of musical styles that include classic hymns, gospel classics, and newer praise songs.    You may reach George by phone at (773) 791-9618.