Our Leadership Team, also known as the Church Board, after prayerful consideration and discussion decided to operate based upon the consensus model.  There is no elected president or chairperson.  The meeting moderator and the recorder rotated through the members of the team with a different pair each month responsible for the agenda and recording the business discussed and the consensus reached on each item. For legal purposes Susan Brohlin has agreed to sign corporate documents as the president, Anne Mette as our Treasurer, and Dave Billingham as the Financial Secretary.

It is also with discernment and sorrow we share with you the promptings of the Holy Spirit to dissolve the institution of Faith UCC. God has revealed to the Leadership Team and congregation – individually and corporately – that in order to steward our time, talents and treasures most effectively for the Kingdom we will need to close. It is a big and hard ask from The Lord; but one we have stepped out in faith to say “yes” to. Our last worship and communion service was held 9/15/2019.

2018 leadership team.jpg

From Left to right...Rev. Julie Jane Capel; Sara Seagren; Anne Mette; Chris Salas; Susan Brohlin;  David Billingham; Barbara Kazlauskas