Seventeen people were killed and many others were injured  in a school shooting in Florida, and the recent death of a Chicago police commander in the line of duty - have us as a congregation, community and country all grieving. The evil choices to take away precious life - from the officer and the school children - are grieving our hearts intensely. Lord have mercy...pour your peace upon those lost and wounded as well upon their friends, colleagues, and families.  Lord, hear our prayers.


The UCC’s response to today’s (2-14-18)school shooting...




Denominational Responses to the Massacre in Las Vegas

UCC General Minister and President John Dorhauer prayedHe also noted..."Every lost life is a name, a history, a hope, a story - an unfulfilled future. Every lost life leaves behind loved ones who mourn and grieve and piece together a future of their own torn asunder by matters we cannot comprehend. I can't find words to capture this pain, this collective grief and anger. I cannot reach deep enough into my soul to express fully the pain, the anger, the rage, the confusion, the anxiety, the emptiness. When will it end?"  In Rev. Dorhauer's  prayer, he stated "Moved by grief, let us transform our pain into action. Let us set our hearts and our minds and our hopes on a future of meaningful action that seeks to undo (violence like) this and restore onto us a tomorrow filled with hope and promise."

Evangelical Covenant Church President Gary Walter released a statement in response to the massacre in Las Vegas: “We grieve the horrific loss of life in Las Vegas. Gun violence continues to take too many lives and wound too many psyches. We see it vividly here in the largest mass shooting in US history, but it is insidiously experienced in numbing regularity in communities across our country. We pray for the families of those who have perished, and we pray for victims recovering from wounds seen and unseen. May we be light for a different way, knowing Jesus says being peace-makers is a trait of the family of God.”


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