Our former Pastors

Our birthing process began in 1995. At that time Rev. Linda Noonan-Ngwane was serving Tabor Church as its Interim Pastor, and Rev. Carl Miehlke was serving as the part-time pastor at St. Thomas Church.  The two of them shepherded the two congregations through the speculative and then formative discussions about a possible merger, they then led us through the planning phase to our merger on May 5, 1996.  A few months after the merger, Pastor Linda's husband was called to return to his homeland in Africa to complete his post-graduate degree.

Following Pastor Linda's departure, the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the UCC sent Rev. Rick King to serve as a part-time interim pastor with Pastor Carl as our newly formed church, sought to formalize itself and call its first full-time pastor. Pastor Rick and Pastor Carl served together until 1998 when Pastor Carl retired and our first full-time pastor was called.

Rev. Sharon Stolz was called as our first pastor in 1998.  Pastor Sharon led us through three formative years.  In 2001, Pastor Sharon was called to take her ministry in another direction and left Faith Church to become the director of a social service agency here in Chicago

Rev. Kate Maver had been consulting with Faith Church and Pastor Stolz in 2001 and was called by our congregation to serve as our interim pastor. Pastor Kate served Faith Church through a period of spiritual revival and reorganization as she helped us claim our faith-identity as a congregation and helped us prepare to call a pastor in the summer of 2004. 

Rev. Tom Corwin was called to be the pastor at Faith Church following Pastor Kate’s departure.  Pastor Tom served Faith Church for ten years until his retirement in 2013. He and his wife Susan initiated several events which helped build the reputation of the church in the community and grew the Sunday school into a viable ministry of the church.

Over the course of Pastor Tom's service, Rev. Donald Fairley had served Faith Church on many occasions during the pastor's vacation time and such.  It was the Holy Spirit at work with us that led us to call Reverend Fairley as our part-time interim pastor after Pastor Corwin's retirement.  Rev. Fairley served Faith Church from the fall of 2013 into the beginning of 2015. During his service he guided the spiritual growth of our congregation and supported our efforts to call Reverend Julie Jane Capel as our pastor.