Church Teams

A great way to get involved at Faith is through joining our teams. The members of these teams put their talents to good use by helping to produce the services we hold every week. No talent is to insignificant for a church's use. God gave you talents for a reason - to show them off and in doing so, glorify Him!

The Board - The team for teams

The church board members have monthly meetings to discuss the function of the church beyond Sunday mornings. Information about current board members can be found below.


Members work with artistic development and marketing. Specifically on the website, social media and outreach materials.

Worship Team

Members can play in the "Joyful Noise," the church band, or help set up sound or run projection during services, help setup for communion, holiday services, etc..

As a team, and individuals, we are always striving to present and create a worship experience that is meaningful and uplifting. We believe that music, as one aspect of worship, has the ability to open up a line of communication between God and his creation. Whether singing on key, or not, or just listening, we all can "raise our hearts and voices to the Lord."

If you would like to be a member of this team you may contact our Worship Leader.

Hospitality team

Members help in kitchen setting up food for fellowship after church as well as aid in church events.

youth ministry

Members help teach Sunday School or work in the nursery church as well as set up fun events for the students.


Members have the stewardship responsibilities of budgeting annually for the various functions of the church, reporting to the church on our fiscal status, paying the bills, recording and depositing offerings and other income, and managing the church's financial endowment fund.


Members identify mission needs in our church and community and identify resources and organizations that address those needs, they propose each year which missions the church supports through the Mission Offerings, and the members keep the church informed regarding social issues that affect our church community and our broader community.  If you have an interest in serving on this team, please send an email to sixcornerfaith@gmail.com

If you are interested in working on a team, please see our contact information and Leadership bios.