Time just keeps flying by, and sometimes it flies at supersonic speed, and other times it just seems to drag.  Some folks think that the more of it that is filled is a measure of how well we manage it.  On the other side of the argument are those who believe that it's how it's spent that is the measure of quality time stewardship.  Time taken to refresh one's spirit, to further their faith, to take care of their families, and uplift the faith of others, as well as their time given to help another person in need are some of the spiritual values often associated with good stewardship of the time any of us have upon this earth from the time life was breathed into us by God when He birthed us.

These are examples of questions that one might ask themselves regarding the stewardship of their time, using our church's Mission Statement as the framework and reference for the questions and answers:

  • How might I be a better steward of my covenant with God and with my church?  I could attend worship regularly and use my time outside of worship to support and attend church events, take time to read and study more of the Bible, and to pray more often.
  • How might I be a better steward of my faith journey and the journeys of others? I could attend worship and more church events, and take more time to study and pray with others.
  • How might I be a better steward of my church's mission?  I could take time to offer care to others, not only those known to me but especially those unknown to me, pray for them more and worship regularly when not in church, and support those in need using my time to listen to them and to help them make needed connections.
  • How might I be a better steward of my relationship with the Holy Spirit? I could pray more, participate more in worship, read the Bible more often, and take the time to listen.
  • How might I be a better steward of my faith? I could increase my time to support in all sorts of ways the life of this, my faith community, and the world community outside of this building.