Often when we bring up stewardship in church many of us, maybe most of us, assume that we are talking about giving our money to the church. It is true that every church truly needs money to carry out its mission and to pay its bills. But treasure can be more than just money and our faith asks that it not be horded or hidden but that it be shared in part, a tithe, to further the work of the church in its mission to share the gospel, glorify God, and care for those in need. 

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines treasure as: something valuable (such as money, jewels, gold, or silver) that is hidden or kept in a safe place;  something that is very special, important, or valuable; a person who is greatly loved or valued especially because of being very helpful

Each person defines their treasure in their own unique and personal way, and sees it as something "that is very special, important, or valuable" to them.  It could be their money, their property, their time, a talent, or some combination of any of them. Whatever it is it comes to us from God. Whatever our treasure may be, how it is used and managed is stewardship of our treasure. 

If we are moved to hold on tightly to it and are perhaps inclined to not share our treasure with our church as our faith and God entrusts us, we have hidden it away and it has become more valued by us than our faith.

On the other hand, perhaps a person doesn't have much money but they give some of it to the church. But since they are a good cook, or have a talent for managing crises, or they are a skilled carpenter, or an artist, a potter, those talents and abilities are valued over their money as their treasure.  However, because they share those talents to the benefit of others, their church, and for God's purposes those uses are offerings to God and are valued as such.

Either way how we are stewards of our treasure can be a measure of who we are as Christians and citizens. "Giving to God of your Time, Talents, and Treasures requires TRUST and faithfulness, as well as discipline. Giving back to God is also part of repentance, . . . in that it requires an attitude of trust and openness to using . . . our resources -  time, talent, treasure for God’s glory." **

What is it that you treasure? 

How do you steward it?

How do you offer it back as an offering to God?  


** "Using our Time, Talents and Treasures to God’s Glory"