Pentecost Sunday, May 24, 2016, marked the 20th birthday milestone for Faith United Church of Christ, for we became a new congregation effective on May 5, 1996, and we worshiped as a new church for the first time on Pentecost Sunday. May 27, 1996.

Faith United Church of Christ was born from the merger of two local churches. The St. Thomas UCC congregation and the Tabor UCC congregation were each facing their own challenges and were drawn by God to be united as one. As the result of many prayerful conversations among and between members of the two congregations and their leadership councils with guidance from God the two churches voted simultaneously and unanimously to form a single, new congregation on May 5, 1996 and the name they gave to it was, and is Faith United Church of Christ.

Our name not only identifies the faith tradition and denomination of which we are a member, the United Church of Christ, but it also states that we are united as a church by our faith in Jesus Christ.


It is with discernment and sorrow we share with you the promptings of the Holy Spirit to dissolve the institution of Faith UCC. God has revealed to the Leadership Team and congregation – individually and corporately – that in order to steward our time, talents and treasures most effectively for the Kingdom we will need to close. It is a big and hard ask from The Lord; but one we have stepped out in faith to say “yes” to.

Thus, we celebrated the life of Faith UCC during our last regular weekly service with a communion service and a meal with our gathered friends and members on June 30, 2019 at 10:30 AM. It was the homecoming of a faithful compelling Christian community that has served Jesus and the Portage Park community for the past century.

Services at Faith will alternate every other week over the summer so members can visit other churches beginning away on 7/7/19 and ending away on 9/1/19. The last two worship services at Faith will be September 8, and September 15.


The Homecoming gathering ~June 30, 2019

History always informs our current and future realities - take a peak into how God has formed us!