We believe that our youth should know and experience that following Jesus, although requiring sacrifice at times, can also be a lot of fun. ConFUNmation is the hands on experience for the youth at Faith UCC to learn about and choose to become a disciple of Christ.

To learn when our youth will be meeting for ConFUNmation and when they may be active with the 'Northside Youth Collision' please check the calendar.

Three Part Purpose:

1. Begin to articulate our faith stories. For some this means exploring something totally new. For others it is claiming their family's faith as their own. There is an academic learning aspect - broad scope of the Bible, theology and church history. There is a personal piece - why do we believe what we do?

2. Integrate into the community. Faith is not just academic or personal... there is a corporate dimension. As a church, we hope that conFUNmation will turn into a fully fledged youth group, where our teens will find foundational friends. That our time together will be fun while forming us as followers. We also intend that conFUNmation will be a watershed moment for our youth to become fully integrated into the larger church body. That they will get used to using their time, talents and treasures to support the mission and vision of Faith UCC and the Kingdom mission of the bigger church!

3. Put our faith into action. We believe that faith should be lived out not just talked about. Therefore, as part of our conFUNmation program we are going to do service projects, maybe go on a mission trip, and be equipped be witnesses to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit!

The Northside Covenant Youth Collision

Since 2015 our adolescent youth have also participated with the Youth Collision. The Collision exists to enrich local church ministries in Chicago by collaborating their efforts in youth ministry. Urban areas have hundreds of churches, but only a handful have full time youth pastors. They have found that by sharing resources and gifts, they can fill in gaps in the individual churches. Then, more youth can be reached and in deeper ways.  The Collision offers an event each month during the school year which can include all of the participating youth from the participating churches.